River Trade

The carriage of goods along the inland waterways of Traladara is a major factor in the economy of the region. The river trade allows for transport of larger bulk material than is generally carried for great distance overland; Agricultural products, timber, ore, and livestock are often carried by boat down river to larger markets. Fine goods, manufactured items and luxuries are often carried on the return trip, being light enough not to burden the vessels excessively in their journeys upriver.

The major river routes are:

Other routes include:

The Upper Volaga routes are less used, as the route is difficult and dangerous. Only canoes and small skiffs are able to portage past the rapids and cataracts, and due to increasing tensions with the Red Khan there is difficulty in passing through Orcish territory.

Traffic through the swamps at the mouth of the Achelos has likewise become more difficult; although the waters are navigable even by fairly large shallow-draft cargo vessels, recent increases in Lizardman activity have hindered trade in the region.

River Trade

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