Mystara: Verbonum

The beginning


After traveling down many roads throughout the eastern provinces of Darokin, including a few highlighted performances in Selenica, the Travelling Krewe of Master Federico Gallio headed south into Traladara. Coming over the mountain passes in autumn to the Duke’s Road Keep, they were soon caught in the midst of a series of severe early winter snowstorms. They continued south, as the way back over the mountains was now blocked; As they traveled, however, the storms only got worse. Traveling down the road, they found more and more shuttered windows and more and more abandoned settlements. It seemed that this year was colder and harder than most. Increasing banditry on the roads, hunger, and fear of the cold and dark away from the lights and safety of civilization were rampant everywhere. They decided to put down stakes in the city of Verbonum, where they could at least be assured that they wouldn’t be eaten by wolves. What they themselves would eat was another matter…



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