Mystara: Verbonum

The Show Must Go On

...In which the players set about staging a performance of an original work by Kolya Hornblood documenting the exploits of Ihor Porfyryich

After securing the financial backing of Bruno Mezzia, the players set about to stage an epic alchemical drama, penned by the troupe’s resident playwright, Kolya. Unfortunately, due to obscure and arcane legal treaties in place for the regulation of trade, no festivals were permitted within the boundaries of the city before the official opening of the Caravan Trade Season in spring. Because of the exceptionally hard winter, however, the river Volaga had frozen over, and with some magical reinforcement (arranged courtesy of Bruno Mezzia, who called in some of his family’s favors) it proved solid enough to hold the festivities on the ice.

Meanwhile, Tzadok had gone off on his own to find a bit more feminine attention than he had reckoned on—first in the arms of a halfling streetwalker, and then in the siren song of the Rusalka… Eventually, having been let go by the waterwoman, he stumbled upon a strange talking door in what turned out to be Bruno’s basement. He let discretion remain the better part of his valor, and fled.

Ignateva and Vladimir, meanwhile, were finding trouble of their own, in the form of a few local toughs who had a bit of a problem with itinerant rabble and undesirables darkening the doorsteps of their fair city. After a brief tussle, one of them was left on the street and the other was brought back to the caravan, charmed. The charmed thug was discretely passed off to Bruno, who promised that they wouldn’t have to worry about him again.

After much fanfare, the show went off to rave reviews… along with a few rather lucrative sideshows (despite Ernie’s reticence, due to the interest having been shown by the local authorities).



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