Mystara: Verbonum

Into the Belly of the Beast

After providing financial backing for the Troupe’s successful show, Bruno Mezzia asked a favor of the players in return… to go into the sewers to find the lair of the local Iron Ring operation. When the actors balked at the notion of traipsing into a dank fetid pit looking for trouble, Bruno and his ever-trusty butler Tyvis reminded them of the matter of the local toughs who “disappeared” after a run-in with members of the troupe, and suggested rather bluntly that if they didn’t cooperate, they could be held accountable. This resulted in both the temporary cooperation and the eternal ire of the party, especially Earnest.

Upon arriving in the designated area of the sewer, however, the party found themselves falling down a slippery slope into a much more desperate situation than thy had even imagined. They found the Iron Ring, along with a band of red orcs, a deeply troubled necromancer, and a whole pack of zombies. Unfortunately, all of them were trapped in some sort of apparently unyielding chrysalis-cave with a pulsating demonic egg. By rapidly sorting out the situation and organizing a mutual defense against the undead, the raggedly united forces of the living have managed to clear out the cave, but have not as of yet managed to break out of the shell keeping them there.



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